Inupiaq poet explores his homeland and history in two collections | Book reviews

As Americans, we do not like to think of ourselves as colonizers. It was the dirty work of Europeans in Africa and Asia, but certainly not here. This is our country. Not stolen, but given to us by our God. It is not colonization. But then we calm down quietly. And the Arctic was certainly … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hold the first birthday party for Lilibet. No senior royals attended.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Royalist, The Daily Beasts newsletter for all things royal and royal family. Subscribe here to get it in your inbox every Sunday. Lilibet’s birthday party is the royal proxy war The Daily Beast reported yesterday that it was “very unlikely” that Queen Elizabeth planned to “attend a rumored first … Read more

While Ukraine loses troops, how long can it continue the fight?

ZHYTOMYR, Ukraine (AP) – As soon as they finished burying a veteran colonel killed by Russian shelling, the cemetery workers prepared the next hole. Given how quickly death falls Ukrainian troops in the front lines, the empty tomb will inevitably not remain that long. Collar. Oleksandr Makhachek left a widow, Elena, and their daughters Olena … Read more

Biden-advisor pushes back against gloomy predictions about finances

A top White House adviser on Sunday pushed back against gloomy predictions about the economy, arguing that strong job growth was a healthy sign that the U.S. economy will recover. Gene Sperling told “Fox News Sunday” host John Roberts that a low unemployment rate and people re-entering the workforce were indicators that the economy will … Read more

How to increase your dividend income without lifting a finger | Personal finance

(Charlene Rhinehart, CPA) Dividend stocks offer one of the most convenient ways to earn extra income while you sleep. All you have to do is select the dividend-paying shares you want in your portfolio and watch these dividend deposits flow into your account. The best part is that you can qualify for an automatic increase … Read more

The most important social security table you will ever see | Personal finance

(Christy Bieber) As a retiree, there are good chances that you will rely on your social security benefits to help you cover your living expenses. These benefits provide thousands of dollars in monthly income, and unlike your savings, they can not run out as long as you are alive. Even if you can not live … Read more

1 investment that is in my portfolio in the long run | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Stefon Walters) Even when you are focused on the long term and use a buy-and-hold investment strategy, your portfolio should change from time to time as time goes on. Not all investments will continue to fit your goals as your life, risk tolerance and opportunities change and that’s all right. Regardless of the situation, however, … Read more